Primary Impact has developed a number of industry specific Grabbers and Solution Accelerators for extracting data from key media data providers.  This includes the automation and loading of data through ETL processes, streamling the data warehouse loading process.
In addition we specialize in developing custom analytical applications and component.  Building on our history in predictive analytic applications, and leveraging our team of mathematicians and physicists, we create complete solutions and specific components to empower these applications.

» Doubleclick
» Atlas
» Pointroll
» Nielsen

» Non Linear Optimization Solver as a Web Service

This non linear optimization engine is designed to find optimal solutions for complex equations using GRG (General Regression Gradient) and LGRG methods similar to "Solver" in Microsoft Excel.  It is further deployed as a Service to make it accessible to a wide variety of applications.


» Genetic Algorithm Engine as Service (in Development)
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