Bring all your marketing activities together in easy to read dashboards that provide a single vantage point for marketing activities across media, across brand portfolios, and across the agency.

» There is no “one sized fits all” solution for any marketer or agency and we create customized dashboards.
» We work with each group – especially executive management, research and marketing – to build dashboards and reports that enable them to access the metrics they need to guide their business successfully.
» We assess individual business needs to create a scope of work, then manage the entire development and implementation process using programmers with expert knowledge of both media and world class business intelligence tools such as Business Objects.

» Manage entire client brand portfolio in one place.
» Integrate client data to create deeper relationships and insight into the client’s business.
» Unify reporting across clients and across media types.
» Apply research models to planning in real time.
» Control security and intellectual property.

With data so easy to access, you can free your employees to spend time making intelligent decisions, not manipulating data.

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