A select group of clients whom we've helped to better manage their business and Media / Advertising / Marketing Disciplines:

Recent Client Projects
Strategic Marketing Consulting
Strategic Marketing Consulting
Mobile Marketing Association: Best Practices Report

Mobile ad strategy and research developmentc

CIMM: Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement:
Best Practices in Cross Media Measurement

Collective Media: Brand Marketers Guide to Online Video
National Newspaper Network
Donovan Data Systems

Marketing consulting

Freewheel TV Industry data analytics: Digital Video Monetization Full Year Report 2011
Pandora Whitepaper: Radio Rampant: How the Internet Is Dynamiting the Box

Consumer research on impact & effectiveness of location-triggered SMS marketing

X+1 Positioning, collateral and naming for CPG Connect analytics product
VideoEgg Marketing consulting including content development
Audience Science Research analytics and whitepapers
bunchball Collateral and sales decks for marketers and publishers targets
Quattro Wireless

Research Consulting
Quarterly Mobile Advertising Trend Reports
Mobile Marketing:The Whys and Hows for Europe

Marketing Profs Marketing Profs Digital Fact Book: chapters on Internet usage, mobile marketing, search and social media

Beyond Interactive

Omnicom Group
Interpublic Group

We partner with some of the best technology platforms available:

Business Objects offers a broad family of tools and applications to help teams optimize business performance by connecting people, information and businesses across the business network, regardless of the underlying business applications or data stores.

As a Gold Partner, we have the technical expertise and business experience to deliver world-class business intelligence solutions
Aster Data Systems is a proven innovator in high-performance analytical databases, bringing deep insights on massive data analyzed on clusters of commodity hardware. The company was founded by three colleagues in the Ph.D. Computer Science program from Stanford University.
Aster's architecture simultaneously optimizes across the three dimensions of scalability, performance and manageability. With Aster, systems are as easy to operate at 300 nodes managing hundreds of Terabytes as at 3 nodes managing hundreds of Gigabytes.

A group of physicists and aerospace engineers with advanced degrees based in Russia and affiliated with the National Academy of Sciences.  This group builds highly customized analytical applications to solve specific quantitatively driven problems.  They not only bring their programming capabilities but their advanced mathematical training and complex problem solving abilities to solutions. 

Agency Strategies is a management consulting company servicing the global marketing communications industry since 1990. Staffed by industry operations, financial, media and technology professionals, we offer a unique range of core competencies covering all disciplines and providing solutions for the major issues confronting ad agencies today.
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